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Dachshund common health issues

Dachshunds are generally healthy, but there are some conditions that are common for this breed. Responsible owner would do well to stay informed on these conditions as their early detection is the best way of preventing them from becoming too serious and jeopardizing the health, or possibly, even the life of your dog.


Because of their length, Dachshunds spines are subjected to a lot of stress and can often suffer some problems because of it. To alleviate that stress don’t force your dog to jump around too much, in fact, when you can, prevent him from doing so, as jumping puts a lot of unwanted stress on the spine.

One of the conditions that might attack his spin is intervertebral disk disease. However, this condition is not caused by the dog’s actions, but is instead hereditary. Responsible and professional breeders will not breed dogs that have been determined to have this condition. It can be treated with medication and rest in the less severe cases, but can require surgery in the more serious ones.

Another problem that might put unwanted and potentially harmful strain on the dog’s back is obesity. A bit of extra weight might have serious consequences on your dog’s health. You should pay close attention to the dog’s diet; regulate both the quantities of the food he is getting as well as the exact nutritional value. Also, take good care that the dog gets enough exercise, take him out as often as you can, and if you have a yard let him have free access to it, so he can run as often as he wants.

One of the problems that Dachshunds often suffer from, and that is usually reserved for larger dogs is bloat. This condition is characterized by gasses that get trapped in the dog’s stomach and that prevent the digestive system from functioning normally. It can even cause the interruption of the blood flow to vital organs. It can be caused by the dog’s rapid intake of food or water, by taking the dog out to exercise soon after he has had a meal, and some people believe, by feeding him soybean products. Unfortunately it can also occur without any of the listed causes being present so you should always be on the lookout for it. You will be able to recognize it by the dog trying to vomit and not managing to do it, he will become restless and his stomach might get bloated. If you notice these symptoms you need to react quickly as the condition progresses rapidly and is often fatal.

Another problem that is not that easy to indentify, but that can get to be really serious are heart worms. Their larvae get introduced into the dog’s system through mosquito bites. They grow and reproduce inside the dog’s hart and blood vessels and can stay in the dog’s organism for a number of years. The severity of the condition is directly influenced by the number of worms in the dog’s blood system. If you notice that he dog’s lungs are making strange sounds, that he is coughing a lot and that doesn’t want to be taken out to exercise, consult your vet immediately.

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