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Dachshund temperament

Dachshunds are generally cheerful, devoted and friendly pets, but they have been known to cause quite a bit of mischief as well. They were bred for badger hunt, but they were also used to hunt larger game such as deer and even boars and bears, so they are by no means in short supply of courage.


They can be insanely brave, if confronted by a significantly larger dog they will stand their own. Not a small number of Dachshunds have been injured or even killed because they refused to back down in front of an overwhelmingly stronger opponent. The fact that they were used for hunting for a long time has also left them with a very strong prey drive. You need to keep an eye on your Dachshund or he will, without hesitation, chase after each small animal or bird that comes in his line of sight. This might cause him to get run over by a car or get injured in some other way, as they generally pay little attention to their surroundings while they are pursuing the prey.

They are very devoted and love their owners, but that doesn’t mean that they will obey every command. Despite being hunting dogs, which need to be easy to train and obedient when trained, Dachshunds are notoriously resistant to training. They can be irritatingly stubborn and completely oblivious to their owner’s commands.

You need to make them socialize with other friendly dogs and people while they are very young, as this will make them more tolerable to strangers in their later years. If you don’t do that they can often get aggressive. A lot of cases of Dachshunds attacking other dogs, people and even their owners, have been reported. They are usually good with children, but have also been known to bite a child if they feel provoked.

They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise, take them out for walks as often as you can, and try to let them have a good run every once in a while. Take care not to let them get too bored. If they are not given something to occupy their attention they might get quite destructive and chew on everything that they can get a hold of. They are also known to bark a lot, even without an obvious reason. This habit might be corrected with training, but the number of successful attempts to do so is not exactly staggeringly high.

They need to be made aware of the fact that you are their boss, or else they might start thinking that they are your. Don’t achieve this by punishing them too often or being cruel, just act with confidence and authority and they will learn to respect you as their pack leader. They, like most small dog breeds, are prone to suffering from separation anxiety. If you neglect them for too long they will show obvious signs of distress, will become very nervous and have often been heard whining and calling for their owners. This can have permanent consequences, so try not to let it happen too often.

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